Selections and Choices

Selections and Choices

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Mysore 31/12/2014

Race 1- Shining Fame (Older sprinter hitting form)
Race 2- Golden Steps
Race 3- Ice Sprint (Out of doldrums)
Race 4- Rocketeer
Race 5- Speedy Amigo (Older sprinter hitting form)
Race 6- Secret Missile (On recovery mission)
Race 7- Premier Ace
Race 8- Master Of The Rolls
Race 9- Malkia (Beaten favourite after a rest)

Days Best - Rocketeer
Good Double - Secret Missile

Good luck, Bet wise

Monday, 29 December 2014

Hyderabad 29/12/2014

Race 1- Ryuzaki
Race 2- Star Player
Race 3- Racing Ikon
Race 4- Rapidest (Good Double)
Race 5- Vijays Victory
Race 6- Desire (Days Best)
Race 7- Machine Gun
Race 8- Fruit Roll Up
Race 9- Ponti Verdi

Good luck, Bet wise

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Mumbai 28/12/2014

Race 1- Bonobo- With the benefit of two run this season he may oblige now in this weak set.

Race 2- Gabriella - Blazing in morning tracks & is expected to win on debut.

Race 3- Wentworth - Has impressed in mock race & at this handicap can spring a surprise inspite of long lay off.

Race 4- Chase The Ace - Won stylishly from outermost draw no 19 in his last start, with more in hand over a short scurry. Should repeat under penalty.

Race 5- Keukenhof (place) - Ran a promising race last time out & is worth considering for good place bet.

Race 6- Made To Measure - This well bred lightly raced gelding won impressively last time out. Although heavily penalized for the win but in this form he may defy penalty.

Race 7- Kazuri - Won splendidly in her last start even after long lay off & looks set to repeat on that run.

Race 8- Flynn - Is knocking at the door since last couple of starts & should be fitter for his good 2nd last time out & should be strong contender in this field.

Days Best: Made To Measure
Good Double: Chase The Ace

Good Luck, Bet Wise.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Bangalore 27/12/2014

Race 1- Little Brown Jug
Race 2- Tanganiyaka
Race 3- Star Of Destiny
Race 4- Castle Key
Race 5- Speedstress
Race 6- Spanish Moon
Race 7- CORIOLIS - Days Best
Race 8- Crown Emperor
Race 9- Hendrix - Good Double

Good Luck, Bet Wise.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Mumbai 25/12/2014

Wish you all Merry Christmas & prosperous New Year..!!

Race 1- Golden Belle - Fluent winner over this trip earlier & now taking on a relatively weak field here & should repeat under penalty.

Ostwind- Place

Race 2 - Arrivederci- This nicely bred from champion trainers yard has been prepared extensively & looks strong contender to score on debut.

Star Lightening - place

Race 3- Another Ace - Well bred youngster who looks fit enough to win on debut.

Calissa - With benefit of run may place.

Race 4- Grenadine- Winner over this trip earlier in pune under same jockey astride today. Can make amends now.

 Al Shamsheer - place

Race 5- Zaraar- Have come down to a reasonable mark & may strike now at this feather weight in this moderate field.

Blackbean- place

Race 6- Beach Game- Showed radical improvement in his last run. Now looks much fitter & should shed his maiden tag.

Zumi Zumi - place

Race 7- Solomon - Impressive winner in his last start & in present form he may provide an encore.

Zander- Good place

Race 8- Merinda- Impressive effort in her last run after long lay off when finished second to Top Trainer in pune. Now running after another long break but has been tracked well & looks fit enough to earn her combill.

Draco- Place

Race 9- Burlesque - Ignore her last run as favourite. Now working well & can make amends.

Fireproof- place

Race 10- Tinogona  - In his last start improved leisurely to finish 4th with Trevor up. Now with same rider in saddle he has a good chance to oblige.

Praelector - place

Days Best: Merinda
Good Double: Tinogona

Good Luck, Bet wise

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Mysore 24/12/2014

Race 1- Sufficient Proof- An easy 3rd last time out. With benefit of run may oblige now.

Race 2- Welcome Again- Good 3rd last time out. Should fight out now.

***Race 3- Royal Regina- Failed favourite in her last start. Now should make amends.

***Race 4- Albatross- Is in good form & is the only 3 yo in the field and may strike now.

Race 5- Little Athena- Now demoted & has come down to her last winning mark. May upset.

***Race 6- Divine Love- Last time led till beaten at the post. Is the only 3 yo in this set & may win at this low weights.
Keep an eye on Hard To Pin Down who has very good handicap chance with the only Claimer in this field & can upset, place looks moral.

***Race 7- Country's Beauty- Won two races very easily, although now facing tough set but at this present form should complete hatrick.

Race 8- Ice Brown- Now running over ideal distance & has a good chance to earn a bracket.

*** Denotes for selection under Horse racing system.

Days Best: Country's Beauty
Good Double: Albatross
Upset: Little Athena/ Hard To Pin Down

Good Luck, Bet Wise.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Mumbai 21/12/2014

Race 1- Top Commander
Fire Engine defeated both Top Commander on level weights & to The General by conceding 9kgs. So relatively Top Commander should beat The General.
I am ignoring Highlander due to his first run this season.

Race 2- Savannah Gold
Shevis full sister to Czar Of Romance, now demoted to lower class & has a ace rider in Saddle to earn her maiden bracket.

Race 3- Costa Del Sol
After his impressive debut in current season now he looks too good to miss even at this low odds.

Race 4 - Celsius
Ignore his last run in Million race. Now back to open handicap race & on basis of his impressive second to Full Moon in his penultimate start is threat to all at this low weights.

Race 5- Burgundy Rose
Now promoted to upper class as he could not carry top weight in his previous starts. And running at low weight & also within 4 days & so now he has a bright chance to earn his combill.

Race 6- BE SAFE

Race 7- Amelia-Mariinsky

Race 8- J├Ąger Bomb
This well bred gelding has yet to show any form in his limited career till date. Recent tracks are good & can make the finish interesting one as he has to beat only top weighted Shroff ward.

Days Best: Burgundy Rose ( One last chance )
Good Double: Costa Del Sol
Upset: Celsius

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Bangalore 20/12/2014

Race 1- **Aleca Wonder- Has benefit of run & should shed his maiden tag.

Race 2- Dream Star- In this moderate set she has a best chance to oblige.

Race 3- **Western Lady-Failed favourite & now can make amends.

Race 4- Madame Bovary - Now running over ideal trip with positive change in rider & shoe. Should be a force to reckon.

Race 5- Big Ticket- Ignore his last run. Can easily stay this trip.

Race 6- **Ancient Title - Failed favourite now working well & should runaway start to finish.

Race 7- Arrogant Approach- Has the best credentials to win in this set.

Race 8-** Atmos- Had a easy run in higher class now demoted & looks a strong contender.

Race 9- Triumph- Now promoted to higher class & may show out at this low weights.
              Frenemee - Keep an eye as this horse has credentials to upset. 

PS: ** denotes Horses falling under HRS

Days Best: Madam Bovary
Good Double: Arrogant Approach 
Dark Horse: Frenemee 

Good Luck, Bet wise.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Bangalore 19/12/2014

Race 1) Liquid Asset- In his last start was planted and lost many lengths at the start, was last till 400 & finished 3rd. On basis of this run he has good chance to upset.

Race 2) Alecia - In her last run she met interference at 200m & than rider lost his whip passing 150m. Now running over same trip should make amend.

Race 3) Fleet Street - Finished faraway 4th & now working well should run a good race.

Race 4) Nesto - Flopped miserably last time out as hot favourite due to his left hind shoe came out while negotiating the bend. Now looks a strong contender in this field & can redeem his last failure.

Race 5) Royal Rein- Had a good lung opener on opening day of the season with work jockey on board. Now champion jockey astride he looks a clear winner at this handicap.

Race 6) Pentagram - won his last start very impressively & is likely to score an encore.

Race 7) Mandarin -Appeared to have improved most since last couple of starts & now looks good prospect in this set.
Note Galway Gal if takes level jump than she may upset.

Race 8) Why Should I - Should easily provide an encore in this moderate set.

Days Best: Pentagram
Good Double: Royal Rein
Upset: Galway Gal

Good luck. Bet wise.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Mumbai 18/12/2014 - Indian 1000G selections

Race 1- Malzie - Finished good second last time out. Now same jockey repeating so falls under 'Developing horse/jockey partnerships' category of HRS.

Race 2- Spirited Touch - Is the most experienced in this set.

Race 3- Papakura- Well prepared & running over right distance.

Race 4- Simply Sweet - In this present winning form & under' recent winners category' of HRS she has a good chance to score an encore.

Race 5- Savage Beauty - Thrice failed as favourite & can make amends now.

Race 6- Stormy Day - Now demoted & should run away pillar to post from innermost draw.

Race 7- Niobrara - Has caught the eye in morning trials & merits strong consideration.

Race 8 Maisha - Has a decisive edge in first classic of the season.

Race 9- Logano - Showed some improvement in her last start. Now taking on weak opposition, hence looks a strong fancy.

Days Best: Simply Sweet
Good Double: Malzie
Upset: Stormy Day

Good luck, Bet wise.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Mysore 17/12/2014

Race-1- Gayle Storm
Race-2- Happiness
Race-3- Country's Nobility
Race-4- Castlebar/Best Move(upset)
Race-5- castle King
Race-6- Secret Missile
Race-7- Constatine

Days Best: Secret Missile
Good Double: Castle King
Upset: Best Move

Good Luck, Bet wise.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Kolkotta 16/12/14

Race 1- Asian Rocket- Showed some form in his last start & now runs with a chance.
Race 2- Zegna- Finished close 2nd last time out with same rider who is riding today & has a good chance to oblige.
Race 3- Forest Dunes- With the benefit of run has a best credentials to shed her maiden tag.
Race 4- Luck Luck Lucky- Jockey switch to Sandesh & may earn bracket.
Race 5- Shourisha- On current form he may complete hatrick of wins.
Race 6- People Prime- Is in rousing form & with rider change to Shailesh Shinde she may also complete hatrick although now promoted to upper class.

Days Best: Zegna
Good Double: Shourisha
Upset: Ever Green

Good luck, Bet wise.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Hyderabad 15/12/2014

Race 1- Sarvagnya - In this form she may complete hatrick.
Race 2- Graceland- Place looks moral & also has a good chance to upset.
Race 3- Policy Maker- Should runaway start to finish.
Race 4-Moon Walker- Has a run benefit & may shed his maiden tag.
Race 5- Vijay Sakhi- Last time finished close 2nd to stablemate & now can make amend.
Race 6- Upon A Star- Pedigree wise can stay this trip.
Race 7- Romantic Fire- Has a switch in saddle from Claimer to top jockey must oblige today.
Race 8- Rapidest-Very speedy & May try from the word go.
Race 9- Coral Springs- Now running among his age group & looks like a strong contender.

Days Best: Vijay Sakhi
Good Double: Policy Maker
Upset: Graceland 

Good Luck, Bet wise.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bangalore 13/12/2014

Race 1) Dream Neo- Was given easy ride last time out. Now with positive equipment change has a good chance to oblige.
Race 2) Musical Treasure-Retains form & May repeat.
Race 3 Oxford Opinion - This got abroad well bred colt is been prepared systematically & should win in debut.
Race 4) Viento Plata- Ignore her last run. Now running over right distance.
Race 5) Southern Fantasy- Merits attention due to positive shoe & right distance.
Race 6) Click- Impressive second last time out in higher class. Now demotee & has a good chance although carrying top weight.
Race 7) Coldstream- Still unbeaten & this vastly improved late entrant may give tough fight to Bold Majesty.
Race 8) Adriphos - Tracking well & runs with a good chance at this handicap.
Race 9) Strombolite- Finished close sixth  last time out under work rider. Has been tracked fine & now with Suraj in saddle is days best bet.

Good Double: CLICK

Good Luck, Bet wise.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Mumbai 11/12/2014

Race 1- Laurus Pride-Now demoted & is the only winner in this set & has a good chance to oblige in this field of non-winners.
Race 2- Storming Home-Now prepared well & Should make amends for his last failure.
Race 3- Adam- Still unbeaten & should be followed until beaten.
Race 4- Naval Glory- This got abroad Should run a bold race.
Race 5- Don Corleone - Well beaten as favourite in his last start. May have needed that run & should be given another chance.
Race 6- Statuesque - Won readily in ongoing current season & at present form should defy penalty to score an encore.
Race 7- Hudson Hawk- Was undone by outermost draw last time under in expirience rider now with inform experience rider in saddle should be considered as a strong contender.

Good Double: ADAM

Good Luck, Bet wise.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Mysore 10/12/2014

Race 1- Touch Of Romance/ Supreme Strength (upset- place looks good)
Race 2- Speedy Amigo
Race 3- Mahiki
Race 4- Glorious Light
Race 5- Lagoona/ Coffee Time(upset)
Race 6- Bold Nature
Race 7- Secret Missile
Race 8- As Always

Days Best: Secret Missile
Good Double: Mahiki
Upset: Coffee Time

Good Luck, Bet Wise.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Hyderabad 8/12/2014

Race 1) Greek Star
Race2) Dad's Dollar/ Green Jewel (upset)
Race3) Bharat King
Race 4) VIjays Victory**
Race 5) Amazing Weapon**
Race 6) Kireeti**
Race 7) Olympic Gold
Race 8) Your Royal Majesty
Race 9) Pour Vous

Days Best: Amazing Weapon
Good Double: Vijays Victory
Upset: Green Jewel

Note: ** denoted horses are selected on basis of Horse racing systems.

Good luck, Bet wise.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Mumbai 7/12/2014

Race- 1- Word Of Honour- Failed favourite in his last outing on 4/12/14. Now running again within the gap of 4 days.Shd make amends over this shorter trip.
Race- 2- The Big Bull- Had a good mock race earlier & is expected to keep his two rivals at bay.
Race- 3- Rodeo - Top rated Rodeo who is also solid stayer shd emerge victorious in this small field.
Race- 4- Ireland - Is the only experienced runner in this set.
Race- 5- Fibonacci Sequence - Had a good lung opener earlier in the season & shd improve on that run.
Race- 6- Ladybird- Won impressively  earlier in the season. Shd score an encore defying penalty.
Race- 7- Beyond Horizons- Has the ability to tackle this  opposition.
Also Keep an eye on Fabrizio.

Days Best: The Big Bull
Good Double: Ladybird

Good Luck, Bet wise.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Bangalore 6/12/2014

Race 1- Eternal Flame- This well bred half sister to Speedy BRINDABAN is blazing in the morning trials & should run a good race on debut.
Race 2- Western Lady- Now demotee, may win in this field of junk horses.
Race 3 - Authentic - As a only 3 yo in this set, should make amends for his previous failure.
Race 4- Diamond Quest - Thrice failed favourite. Now with ace rider in saddle, this horse should be given one more chance.
Race 5- Secret Dimension - Finished good 3rd last time out, now demoted & looks like a strong contender in this moderate field.
Race 6- Speed Six - Winner of the same race last year , may upset the apple cart.
Race 7- Temujin - Last time could not carry the top weight and finished faraway 3rd. At this handicap should runaway pillar to post.
Race 8- Zagato - Now running with change in positive equipment if gets green signal from the connections than he may oblige.


Good Luck, Bet wise.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Bangalore 5/12/2014

Race 1) Speedtress
Race 2) Silhoute
Race 3) Rare And Gorgeous
Race 4) Hillton
Race 5) Star Of Destiny
Race 6) Austin/ Athletic Star (upset)
Race 7) Ace Lexington
Race 8) Our Little Dragon

Days Best: HILLTON

Good Luck, Bet wise.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Mumbai 4/12/2014

Race 1) Plated
Race 2) Dixie Delight
Race 3) Ocean Dream
Race 4) Top Commander(Good Double)
Race 5) Golden Glory
Race 6) Flanker
Race 7) Tempest
Race 8) One Kept Secret
Race 9) Dreamz Unlimited (Days Best)

Good luck, Bet wise.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Mysore 3/12/2014

Race 1) Friends Forever- Now demoted & shd shed her maiden tag.
Race 2) Skip
Race 3) Royal Regina- Very speedy & may complete hatrick of wins.
Race 4) Nanuk- Now on promotion & running over right distance. Last time failed as favourite.Shd make amends at this low weights.
Race 5) Yakeen- Is back in form & shd oblige now despite conceding weights.
Race 6) Caterina- Suggestive 3rd last time. Shd oblige now.
Race 7) Constatine- Shroff reject from Mumbai. Looks superior in this set.
Race 8) Afternoon Delight

Days Best: Yakeen
Good double: Nanuk
Upset: Divine Deliverance 

Good luck, Bet wise.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Hyderabad 1/12/2014

Race 1) Woman O War
Race 2) Vista
Race 3) Transition (Good Double)
Race 4) Altruist (Days Best)
Race 5) Star Player
Race 6) Parade Queen
Race 7) Flying Spur

Good luck, Bet wise.